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Jean-Baptiste Giraudeau

Software Engineer - Functional Programmer

Jean-Baptiste Giraudeau
37 years old
Britanny France
Professional Status
Just looking around
About Me
Devops and Functional programming enthusiast, DDD practitioner, proficient team player.
Researcher of elegant solutions to complex problems.

A correct and maintainable program derives from clear specifications, exposes sound semantics and allows local reasoning on its code.
Strongly typed functional programming is the most effective technique I found that allow me to write correct and maintainable software.
This is why domain driven design, applied mathematics and modern programming languages like Nix, Haskell or Scala are essential tools for me.

I like to continually improve the tools I use: I am an active contributor to Scalaz, the FP library for Scala and NixOS, the purely functional Linux distribution.

For when I must use Java, I have created and open-sourced Derive4J: a tool to ease functional Programming in Java, and I also maintain, with others, the FunctionalJava library.
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École des Mines (IMT Atlantique)

September 2004 to October 2009
Graduated from the IMT Atlantique School of Engineering specialized in the Organization and management of information technologies, I am able to deliver a complementary approach on the company information system, through the proficiency in both IT project management and the knowledge of organizations. That's being able to conciliate the operation and environment of the company with strategic and organizational issues of ICT.
... Well, this was the original plan, nowadays I am focusing on programming