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Gordon Niemann

Software Developer and IT Administrator

Web Development
Gordon Niemann
Driving License
Vancouver Canada (British Columbia)
Professional Status
About Me
I’m an energetic, team orientated programmer, seeking to expand professionally into an industry I’m passionate about. I’m always attracted companies that provide team orientated environments that allow for learning and growth.
Personal Project – Unity + HTC Vive VR

Project Goals:
  • 3D FTL like Clone in VR
  • Shared Game object pooling system to deal with high projectile and missile Volumes
  • Dynamitic AI Based Turret and Missile systems, with restrictions and avoidance
  • Consistent 90+ FPS, despite aggressive particle and lighting effects
  • Procedural Damage Shaders
  • VR GUI front-end

Progress Video:
Creation date
01 Jan 2017
3rd person Platformer exploration vertical slice. Teto was created at Vancouver Film School by a six person team over 4 months in Unity 5.

  • Full development cycle from Design to GDD/TDD, Millstones, Alpha, Beta, Final and Presentation.
  • Teto’s Pipeline included Perforce, Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop.
  • Dynamic AI based on coroutines time/frame slicing system
  • Wwise Audio integration with outsourced audio team
  • 100% original art, sounds and animations assets
  • Grass Shader system
  • Environmental Morphing/ transition system

GitHub AI Code Examples:
Creation date
15 Dec 2016
In my spare time I like to design UI/UX interfaces… I have a personal fondness for 4x type games.

Above Example: 1024x768 - Designed for iPad
Design Tools: Photoshop & 3D Studio Max
2D ShaderToy Example (Shader Code GLSL)

Note: Not compatible with IE or Edge
Creation date
02 Feb 2017
Angry Birds Clone built in a team of three over 2 weeks.
  • Javascript OOP Framework
  • PHP AJAX server backend
  • Level editor with JSON based level data
  • BOX2D Physics Systems
  • Buzz Audio
Creation date
15 Mar 2016
Early project – Battleship style game.

  • Javascript OOP framework
  • CSS animations
  • Buzz Audio API
Creation date
01 Feb 2016
2D Contra clone built in Unity over two weeks.

  • All the Contra moves
  • Multi Weapons and Pickup system
  • Heath System
  • Boss Fight!
Creation date
22 Mar 2016