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Initially trained as an economist, Uzi Ben-Ami returned to school to earn an M.A. and a Ph.D. in psychology in order to devote his life to providing direct services to people experiencing psychological distress. While at the University of Maryland, he practiced for three years under supervision in the Montgomery County Drug Alternatives program, and one year at the Maryland University Counseling Center. After graduating in 1976, he entered private practice as an individual psychotherapist of children and adults, also working in group, family, and couple therapy modalities. Additionally, Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D., provided psychological and educational testing services for children at the Children’s Guild in Baltimore and evaluated juveniles prior to sentencing on behalf of the Maryland juvenile court.

Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D., moved to Illinois in 1977 and worked as the clinical director of the Center for Children’s Services in Danville. There, he provided psychotherapy and testing for children as well as counseling services for parents, individual adults and families. In addition, he was the clinical supervisor of staff. Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D., returned to Maryland in 1980 to serve as the chief psychologist at the Jewish Social Service Agency in Rockville. In this position, having been certified as a school psychologist in Maryland, he provided both psycho-educational testing and psychotherapy services and supervising University of Maryland Psychology students. Since 1994, he has worked full-time in private practice with children, adolescents, and adults experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as with children and adults with ADHD, OCD and internet addictions.

Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D.

  • Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D.



Uzi Ben-Ami, PhD
Since January 1993

Chief Psychologist

Jewish Social Service Agency
January 1980 to January 1992

Clinical Director

Center for Children's Services
December 1977 to January 1980



University of Maryland, College Park
January 1974 to January 1976


University of Maryland
January 1971 to January 1974