About Us

We, and 1 000 000 users beside us, believe that you should have the best resume the web can offer.


Our goal is to providing the best resume to our users, with only one thing in mind: to help them get a job.

Here at DoYouBuzz we are convinced with 3 facts. First, Word based resume are due to disapear in a few years like hand written resume did. Second, web based resume offer so many possibilities that they'll be the next best tool to get a job. Last, this technology can be used to ease the relation between recruiters and candidate, therefore it can help eradicate unemployement.

All this leads us to improve DoYouBuzz every day with only one idea : create a resume standard that will help you get a job.

About us

The idea behind DoYouBuzz was born in late 2006 in Ludovic Simon's mind when he had to do his own resume while looking for a new job.

A year and a half later the DoYouBuzz website was online and received many praises from the critics. It then steadily took off to reach a 500k user base in 2013 to which you might add all those critical partnership with major employement companies in France (Pôle Emploi, Adecco, ManPower, SNCF, 25 schools and universities....).

DoYouBuzz went through 2 A round financing with local and national Angels and has now reached financial equilibrium thanks mostly to the popularity of our Premium account.

For ore informations on our services, feel free to have a look on our DoYouBuzz Pro, Press and Team pages.