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Professional Status


About Me

Hotel Entrepreneur, Consultant and expert in the hotel restoration’s companies under the business and financial aspect. Extensive experience in hotel management and international contracts. Large national economic relationships in the community, and international business. Introduced at the major players in the sector (hotel chains and tour operators on / off line, Incentives house). Board member of the principal trade association of the hotel sector and Advisor Board of a major international consulting company based in the United States for which he has treated well over 50 projects on an international scale (mergers, acquisitions, disposals of tourist companies) as well as lecturer in post-graduate Master of Hotel Management.
Currently engaged in the conduct of its property hotel , consulting (to companies of small / medium size and international ones) and the role of CEO of an Hotel Asset Management company.
Graduated at “Hotel School” and Degree in “Economics and Management of Tourist Companies” with a thesis on "Forms of financing the hotel company by ordinary credit merchant banking".

- Restructuring Manager and Hotel Consultant
- Owner and general manager of XX Settembre Hotel, Rome
- CEO Flexus Hotel Asset Management
- Coordinator of the Committee on Education Federalberghi Rome
- Partner Nea Xenia Lab Hotel Training
- Member of the Executive Council of Federalberghi, Federalberghi Rome and Lazio one
- Member of the Council Bord Gerson Lehrman Group (50 projects analyzed)
- Teacher at the Master “Management in Hospitality”, Comunika
- Teacher at the Master “Hotel Management”, Level Up
- Lecturer for Teamwork, Rimini
- Advisor for Coleman Research, Guidepoint, Infollion, Thomson Reuters
- Curator of the "Course of Hotel Management" www.robertonecci.it
- ADA Italian Hotel Manager association Partner -
- Head of the Centre for South Italy Assorevenue AIRM Italian Association of Revenue Management
- Member of Skal International Rome


General Manager at Hotel Savoy, Rome

Since June 2014
  • General Manager at 4 star superior Hotel in Rome, City Center close to Via Veneto
  • Staff optimization and restructuring of financial and business aspects.
  • Supervisor of all day by day operations and Implementation of USOA Uniform System of Account.

Owner and General Manager

Since November 2003
  • I selected and coordinated the architectural firm that oversaw the design and I then proceeded to the selection of personnel and key figures. I set the business strategy and the related processes of marketing on / off line of the structure.
  • I have purchased the management and property of' XX Settembre Hotel durig the period: 2002/2003, conducting and managing it in person, over the years I have doubled its accommodation capacity by acquiring a property that I annex to the management.
  • I have personally taken care of the financial transactions, coordinating a team of professionals, The financial transactions are necessary for the acquisition of the asset and the main properties of the subsequent, negotiating with banks and financial institutions levers of finance, legal and technical aspects.
  • www.hotelventisettembre.com

Chief Executive Officer

Since April 2013
  • Flexus Hotel Asset Management is an asset management company that operates in the exploitation and management of hotel assets with the logic of short and middle term.
  • Collaborate with commercial banks, investment banks business, investment funds, law and notarial firms and accountants auditors also in the field of concordat procedures and restructings debt. On behalf of hotel companies set trade policies and management preparatory for a sale or a promotion of thecompany. Make and managerial skills and best international pracitces.
  • http://www.flexushotelassetmgmt.com - www.flexushotels.it

Member of the Board Feberalberghi Federalberghi Rome and Lazio

Since October 2007
  • I am a member of the Board of directors of Federalberghi Rome since 2007 elected for two consecutive terms 2007/2011 and re-elected 2011/2015. In November 2012 I was elected to the board of directors of Federalberghi Lazio. In the course of the 2013, I was appointed to the Commission's Internal Benchmarking & Best Practices Federalberghi Rome who is taking care of the budget analysis of the leading hotel in Rome
  • Coordinator Training Commission Federalberghi Rome / Lazio ( Italian Hotel owner association )
  • Coordinator of the Training Commission of Federalberghi Rome / Latium
  • Analysis of teaching models and in coordination with other agencies elaboration of programs and training projects of the system.

Teacher at the master “Hotel management” Level Up management School

Since June 2013
  • I am a teacher at the master “Hotetel management” for the Level Up management school, taking care of the “Hotel management” module in relation to the MICE sector, Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events, Booking & Reservations department and Marketing

Teacher at the master “Hospitality Management” Comunika ,Training Institute

COMUNIKA - Istituto di formazione
Since February 2013
  • I have been teaching at various post-graduate Master organized by Comuika Institute of Rome, I have dealt with themes relating to “Hotel Management”, “Revenue Management” and “Marketing”. In 2013 and 2014 I also taken care of out the form relating to the “Micro and Macro tourism economy”

Partner fondatore

NEA XENIA Lab - Hotel training
Since April 2013
  • NEA XENIA LAB - Training Hotel is an initiative curated by Roberto Necci and Guglielmo del Fattore hotel entrepreneurs and consultants. The core business is the Training Hotel, Nea Xenia was hired by the major companies in the Hotel sector for the creation of training programs: EasyConsulting, Fas Italy, Sysdat Tourism, Serenissima Informatica, Federalberghi Siena, Venice Hoteliers Association.


Associate at ADA Italian Hotel Manager Association
Since June 2012
  • Member of Italian Hotel Manager Association

Forum Member

Coleman Research Group
Since June 2012
  • Coleman Research group is an international consulting firm

Global Advisor

Guidepoint Global
Since June 2012
  • Guidepoint Global Advisor is an international consulting company , I am global advisor for tourism

consulente settore turistico alberghiero

Thomson Reuters
Since June 2012
  • Faccio parte del network di esperti in materia di turismo della società di informazioni economico finanziarie Thomson Reuters.

Member of the Council

GLG - Gerson Lehrman Group
Since March 2007
  • Gerson Lehrman Group is a worldwide consulting company
  • Gerson Lehrman Group is the first consulting firms in the world, I am a council member since 2007, and I have made on behalf of the company about 50 analysis of tourism investment projects on behalf of Gerson clients which are mainly banks, investment funds, investors and large corporation. I have collaborated for: mergers of European hotel companies, analysis of mergers of online agencies, feasibility studies for expansion projects, analysis of re-branding, of market value assessment of shares about tourism businesses.
  • Oasis Merchant is a consulting and private equity company.
  • I taken care of the consulting aspect over 100 touristic projects and hotels companies. I have cared acquisitions, divestitures, management analysis, debt renegotiations, setting of business strategies, recruitment and selection of staff.
  • I taken care of investment analysis and feasibility studies

V. President Development & Operations Italy Greece, Turkey & Malta Sillks International Hotel Group

Sillks International Hotel Group
November 2012 to December 2013
  • I have cared the company's operations Sillks with offices in Hong Kong and London. I negotiated and concluded in my area, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Malta management contracts and acquisitions of hotels, negotiating with property and preparing the related statements of income. Imposed on the strategies and proposed the appointment of the various GM. www.sillks.com

Owner and Managing Director

June 1996 to November 2011
  • 1996-2011 I was the owner of the Tour Operators Travel VARM with which I started my first business enterprise to invest in the hotel business. I started with a brokerage business and then expand the activities in the field of tour operating and specializing in'incoming activity. I have represented Italy in the major European tour operators who cared for the movement of clients, groups and individuals in our country. (Thomas Cook, Neckermann reisen, Condor etc)


Laurea in Economia e Gestione Aziende Turistiche

Università degli Studi di Perugia
January 2007 to December 2007

Tesi di Laurea " Forme di Finanziamento dell albergo dal credito ordinario al merchant banking


School for Hotel Staff - Rome

English , Economincs , Hotel and Tourism study


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