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Israeli native Reem Taoz has built an accomplished career in business management. Following three years in a special unit of the Israeli military, he served on three separate deployments, including one during the Gaza-Israel war. With his service complete, Reem Taoz pursued studies in law at Tel Aviv University.

Since relocating to Lima, Peru, Mr. Taoz has shifted his professional focus to managerial efforts. Most notably, he joined the firms Grupo Taoz SAC and Lafromagerie SAC as a night shift general manager. In addition to his capabilities in account management, he is well versed in supporting the loyalty of clients and running special events.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Mr. Taoz is an avid sports fan who follows the Real Madrid football club. To stay active, he plays tennis and runs.

Reem Taoz

  • Reem Taoz


Night Shift Manager

Grupo Taoz SAC and Lafromagerie SAC
Since January 2001



Tel Aviv University
September 2002 to September 2005


  • Account Management
  • Business Management


  • Tennis
  • Run
  • Football