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Neal Mazer, MD, MPH, brings more than two decades of experience to his work as a psychiatrist in private practice in Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Mazer previously served as the president and founder of Regroove, Inc., a developer of computer programs that provided real-time assessments of children's social and emotional skills, including learning styles, cultural orientation, core barriers, strengths, and interests.

Neal Mazer, MD, established his private psychiatry practice following a four-year period as the chairman and chief executive officer of the Alisos Institute. For nearly a decade, he has developed treatment plans for children and adolescents with diagnoses such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism spectrum disorders, and mood disorders. In addition to complex medication management programs, Neal Mazer, MD, uses a strengths-based therapy approach, which involves focusing on patients' talents and interests to help them become more confident and resilient. Dr. Mazer also works to include teachers, peers, family members, mentors, and counselors in the treatment process.

Aside from his professional activities, Neal Mazer, MD, has hosted a number of philanthropic and charity events at his home. He joined forces with the Rotaract Club of Santa Barbara to host a fundraising event for Empower Congo Women, a nonprofit group dedicated to helping Congolese women rebuild their lives. In addition to Empower Congo Women, he has contributed to the efforts of the Suicide Prevention Action Network, the Breast Cancer Foundation, the Arthritis Foundation, and the Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health.


Adolescent and General Psychiatry

Neal Mazer, MD, MPH
January 2004 to April 2013


Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts

Pomona College
June 1970 to June 1974

M.D., Medicine

University of Illinois, Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine
June 1974 to June 1978