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Maxime Leroy


Software Developer

Since October 2010
  • Network Stack Developer (2016): Optimizations packet processing performance of the 6WIND stack.
  • Cloud Developer (2014-2015): In charge of the integration of the 6WIND software solution into the OpenStack ecosystem by developing new features (like: dynamic creation of virtual devices) and by contributing in different open-source projects like libvirt, nova, neutron.
  • TCP Stack Developer (2013): TCPv6 implementation, performance optimization, integration and tests.
  • Driver Developer (2012): 6WIND Software solution porting on Octeon2, multi-queues support, multi-segments and jumbo support for TilePro cpu, Intel DPDK.
  • Integration Developer (2011): porting 6WIND Linux distribution on different BSPs (i.e. WINDRiver Linux) on MIPS and x86 architecture.
    Kernel re-basing with git, cross-compilation.
  • Network Performance Tester (2010 - 2012): Designed and implemented an automated performance test suite. It uses to benchmarks network forwarding performances of a router for different protocols (i.e. ip, 4in4, nat and so-on).
    Key technical info: python, > 10000 lines.

Internship as sotfware developer

February 2010 to August 2010
  • Study different solutions to allocate all the cpu resources to a specific process on Linux: isolated cpus, cpuset, irq affinity...
  • Porting the 6WIND baremetal stack for Octeon in userspace.

C Language Software Developer

Sagem Monetel
June 2007 to August 2007
  • Added import function from cvs file to a graphic application
  • Added debugging support of the network SDK 3.1

C Language Software Developer

Sagem Monetel
April 2007 to June 2007
  • Extended support of MIME in SDK to send attached files via e-mail
  • Developed an ASN.1 parser


  • Swimming
  • Rock Climbing


Exchange Student

TKK-Helsinki University of Technology
September 2009 to December 2009

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Engineer Diploma, equivalent to a Master degree in Computer Science

Grenoble Institute of Technology : ENSIMAG (School of Mathematics and Computer Science)
September 2007 to October 2010

Three-year master degree specialized in embedded software and operating systems

Technician in Networks and Telecommunication

IUT (School of Technology) Valence
September 2005 to July 2007

Two-year degree specialized in networks and telecommunication


  • Qemu/KVM
  • Openstack: Nova/Neutron L2 drivers
  • Libvirt contributor
  • Networks protocols: IPv6, TCP, routing , gre, vxlan...
  • SDK for network chips: Octeon SDK, Intel DPDK
  • Virtualisation: OpenStack, Open vSwitch
  • Embedded programming: C, linux kernel, driver
  • Script programming: python, shell
  • Source code management: git, cvs
  • Fluent French
  • English (working knowledge, TOEIC 785 of 990 points) [2008]