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At age 19, Lars Windhorst was named the “Wunderkind of the German Economy” and the “German Bill Gates” in national newspapers. But this was just the beginning, for one of Germany’s most successful and influential entrepreneurs, Lars Windhorst would be come a iconic businessman in Germany, Europe and Asia.

The Early Years

Lars Windhorst grew up Rahden, Germany with his two parents. When Lars Windhorst was just eight years old, he became fascinated with the stock market and at ten years old, he started making his first investments.

Four years later, when Lars Windhorst was fourteen, he traveled to China and invested in cheap electronic parts to assemble and sell in Europe. While this business idea seems common in today, Lars Windhorst ( noticed the business opportunity early on and was integral in creating the New Economy.

A year later, Lars Windhorst’s start-up company was so successful that he returned to Asia and co-founded Windhorst Electronics with a 27 year old business man, Ming Rong Zhang. Within a year, the young co-founders grew Windhorst Electronics into a multi-million dollar business and reached sales over $50 million dollars.

Continued Success

Again Lars Windhorst noticed the potential of an emerging economy, and he expanded his enterprise to include Windhorst Pacific Holdings Ltd., Windhorst Capital Holding GmbH and Windhorst AG--firms that invested in real estate, internet and telecommunications. While the businesses were very successful in the nineties, with over 20 branches world wide, when the internet economy burst in 2001, Lars Windhorst’s investments were severely impacted and his firms eventually were declared bankrupt.

Latest Success

Astonishingly, only one year after Lars Windhorst lost his business enterprise, he started a new investment firm, Sapinda, which traded over 2 billion EUR in the first five years. Founded with a successful industrialist family from South Africa, the astonishing business continued to prove how influential Lars Windhorst continues to be in international business.

Most recently, Lars Windhorst restructured Sapinda and founded Sapinda Deutschland GmbH where he currently acts as the Chief Executive.

Lars Windhorst

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