Katarina Aleksić



Professional Status

Open to opportunities


Teacher Trainer

Serbian Educational System
Since 2013
Responsibilities completed
  • Coordinator and manager of online training course “Learning and Teaching Fundamentals” (IPA 2011 Razvionica Project) for 7500 teachers from 02.02.2015. to 15.03.2015. – the biggest online teacher training course in Balcan region
  • Trainer for 130 moderators 31.01.2015.g. in Karađorđe Primary School Belgrade (IPA 2011 Razvionica Project) - 8 hours
  • Trainer for 130 moderators in the online environment for online course “Learning and Teaching Fundamentals” (IPA 2011 Razvionica Project) – 40 hours
  • Instructional Designer and Moodle platform establisher for online course “Learning and Teaching Fundamentals” (IPA 2011 Razvionica Project)
  • Teacher Trainer on Integration of ICT in Learning Process (IPA 2011 Razvionica Project)
  • Teacher Trainer on “Vebciklopedia 2 Summer School: Flipped classroom and web tools for its implementation”
  • Teacher Trainer on “Vebciklopedia 1 Summer School: Integration of graphical web tools in Learning Process”

Member of the Work group for supporting the improvement of education through using of ICT

Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Since 2014

Computer Science Teacher

Branislav Nušić, Primary&Middle School
Since September 2001
Responsibilities completed
  • School activities:
    - Coordinator of IPA 2011 Razvionica Project in Branislav Nušić Primary School, Belgrade
    - Head of the School Team for Professional Development
    - Member of Pedagogical Collegium
    - Member of Team for the School Development Planning
    - Creator of several forms of horizontal learning at the institution
Detailed Description
  • Author of Moodle Platform for Distance Learning "RacunariOnLine"
    www.nusicbg.org / moodle
    - Computer Science
    - From Toys to Computers (K1 - K4)
    - Support for learning in general
    - Serbian language
  • Creator and administrator of school web site www.nusicbg.org
  • School PR activities:
    - Video materials https://sites.google.com/site/katarinaaleksic/graficki-dizajn
    - Graphic Design Diploma, posters, invitations https://sites.google.com/site/katarinaaleksic/graficki-dizajn
    - Graphic design of school paper "Nušić navigator" (printed edition)
    - Technical editor of "eNušić navigator" http://nusicnavigator.weebly.com/
  • Awards:
    Second place in the competition "Digital lesson" for lesson plan in the field of information technology (Digital Agenda), June 1st, 2011
  • Participation in the national contest "Creative School" from 2007 to present. The papers are parts of the Knowledge Base for Elementary Schools:
    - Snowman, Snowwoman and one wedding (From Toys to Computers, 2007)
    - Color, Space, and Love (Computer Science, 2008)
    - Functions in Excel through MENSA intelligence test (Computer Science, 2009)
    - Sound (Computer Science, 2010)
    - Hardware & Software for fifth-graders (Computer Science, 2011)
    - Uncle Nobel good mate, gave wings... (Computer Science & Serbian language, 2012)
    - Educational Project "For Belgrade" (Computer Science, 2013)
  • Published articles:
    - Does the the letter C in the acronym ICT, may stand for culture? ("Partners in Learning" electronic magazine for teachers) http://bit.ly/11F2SjX
    - Pestalozzi Programme - International Seminars for Teachers ("Partners in Learning" electronic magazine for teachers) http://bit.ly/10czncJ
    - Wallwisher - Web bulletin board ("Partners in Learning" electronic magazine for teachers) http://bit.ly/12Ls2Q8
  • Participation in Educational Projects:
    "Day by Day" - Interscholastic Project, 2012 http://danpodan.weebly.com/
    "No Border" - bilateral project Ruminija / Serbia, 2013 https://trello.com/b/99pCHcjN
    "Epic folk literature and Haiduk Uskoks cycle" - School Project, 2012 http://knjizevnostuoku.weebly.com/
    "For Belgrade" - School Project, 2012 http://zabeograd.weebly.com/
  • Membership in associations:
    - Learning Community “SaZnanje” (President of the Section for the ICT, member of steering committee)
    - Network of teachers Serbia "Kolo"
    - Serbian Education @ Edmodo
  • Work outside of school:
    - Mentor to two teachers (Computer Science):
    Ivana Ivančajić, from "Veselin Masleša"
    Dragan Milović, from "Milan Đ. Milicevic"
    - "Portfolio of professional development of teachers," interscholastic horizontal development, from "Veselin Masleša" 22.10. Of 2012
    - "Portfolio of professional development of teachers," interscholastic horizontal development, from "Jajinci" 5.04.2013.g.
    - Work on the editorial board of the Community of fine webinars, https://www.bigmarker.com/club_130
    - Work on the editorial site Vebciklopedija, http://vebciklopedija.weebly.com/
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