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I consider myself a confident person, demanding and disciplined as qualities to achieve success at professional level. I am passionate about new challenges and I also have great self-learning skills in multiple fields of activity. I am currently looking for Commercial Engineering position or Testing Engineering sector, both for professional experience, training and dedication.
6th position in international trading competition through more than 2000 participants from countries all around the world such as United States, Russia and China, 1802% profit in less than a month.
I got first position in technological base competition at Universidad Politécnica of Cartagena, presenting own electric transformed bicycle able to supply AC power to delocalised households and capable of reaching 100 km/h, more than 60 mph.

Jesús Morales Morcillo

  • Sales Engineer
  • Testing Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Development Engineer
  • ByteCycle Project


  • I colaborate very close with local animal shelter.
  • Great amateur photographer and astronomer: board member of AstroCieza,
  • I have participated in half marathons, I move by bike every day, among others.
  • Multi-Instrumentalist: professional guitar player as first instrument, also bass, drums, piano and vocals, also recording knowledge. Released EP "Aves Pasajeras"
  • I love travelling abroad to discover new places, people and ways for living. Great motorcyclist.