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Jean Claude Chalhoub studied in Paris, France, at the Ecole Supérieure de la Sorbonne. There he received his higher education in Bachelor of Science Major in Economics degree. He then directs his professional career in the insurance industry, so he joined a group specializing in insurance brokerage and reinsurance. This company was owned and managed by his own family and founded by his father in 1949. This business enterprise has an international dimension, on where Jean Claude Chalhoub began his career. He travelled and worked in several European countries like Italy and England and Middle East countries formed in Dubai. This family venture also has offices in the United States and Asia.

With the confidence and trust placed in him by his father, in no time he climbed the corporate ladder and succeeded him in the presidency. Naturally ambitious, Jean Claude Chalhoub develops good relation in different companies in insurance and reinsurance especially in Latin America, Europe and Africa. Naturally born intelligent with the skills of being multi lingual Jean Claude Chalhoub didn’t have difficulties in dealing with different people across the world, the company being known in various cities and countries, and got his current success.

Indeed, Jean Claude Chalhoub gave a boost to the growth and development of the family business in spreading his reputation across continents and creating new companies. Through his hardship the group reached its peak and became the largest insurance and reinsurance broker. Jean Claude Chalhoub has numerous partnerships with other companies and other brokers. He also multiplies his customers, contacts and business.

His family keeps great importance through his success and invested in the company of Jean Claude Chalhoub. Being an achiever he still continues to work closely with his father, but he also involves his brother, Georges Chalhoub, and his son Henry Chalhoub in the rise of his business. Jean Claude Chalhoub is very grateful to his parents and very much aware that it is the family education and roots that brought him to such success. Since his youth, he is raised in an open outside world and internationally oriented environment. Dual Lebanese and Italian origin, and family from Mediterranean, Jean Claude Chalhoub grew up in a place where family hosts a lot of trade and cultural exchanges and where a large number of foreigners interact. Thus he was able to speak, from his early age, French, English, Spanish, Italian and Arabic. It is not surprising that he feels at ease in the international environment of the insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and he could establish his group in many different countries.

Jean Claude Chalhoub is a manager whose intellectual brilliance lies in his ability to create positive interactions and emulations, both between colleagues and partners as well as with customers. He surrounded himself with trusted people who have a genuine interest in his business and who are eager to bring to new heights. He was also able to delegate its responsibilities to people who are some of enriching future of the Group and the exponential growth that these activities will contribute to society.


Bachelor of Economics

University of the Sorbonne