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Christophe is a leader in the Product Information Management space. His focus is on PIM systems and product content acquisition strategy for Omnichannel Retail and eCommerce. He has a background of over twenty years in a variety of areas of software development.

Christophe Marcant



Biosphere 2 (Earth being Biosphere 1) was an experiment in closed system ecology. It was a steel and glass structure about the size of three football fields and had a volume of more than three million cubic feet. The purpose of the project was to demonstrate the viability of materially closed ecosystems—a sort of bioregenerative life support system—where water, air, and food were recycled. In 1991, eight people, called Biospherians, were sealed inside Biosphere 2 for two years with only power and information being exchanged with the outside. A major part of this project was an expert system-based environmental control and monitoring system called the “Nerve System.”

Creation date
01 Sep 1991