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A photographer based in Nashville, Benjamin Perlin generally prefers mechanical cameras and traditional developing techniques. He is always taking stock of what he sees and imagining the most striking way of framing it for viewers. Benjamin Perlin explains his preference for traditional photographic practices by noting that each image captured constitutes a physical event that involves a momentary impression of light on silver halide film, with the latent image revealed through a chemical process.

Mr. Perlin views photography as inhabiting an intersection between art and science, with an emphasis on rigorous experimentation guided by an individual aesthetic vision. He presents representative works at, including those that demonstrate the use of various darkroom techniques. These include works that involve solarizing or sabatiering a print through a complex process of exposing a print that is partially developed to unfiltered sunlight.

Mr. Perlin volunteers with a number of organizations in his area, including Tennessee State Veterans’ Homes and ReStore Nashville Habitat for Humanity.

Benjamin Perlin

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Habitat For Humanity
Since January 2016


Tennessee State Veteran's Home
Since July 2016