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I am interested in the role of brain monoaminergic systems in neuropathology of psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and addiction. We, in Schizophrenia Lab located in Physiology Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences are working on animal models of schizophrenia in rat. Now we are studying the meso-accumbence dopaminergic system at molecular and behavioral levels. In molecular Studies, we are using siRNA expressing plasmids against dopamine receptors in aim to down-regulate these receptors. We use steriotaxic surgery and microinjection to deliver drugs and plasmids in targeted sites in the rat brain. At behavioral level, I had established a San Diego SR-Lab setup to measure sensori-motor gating impairment in rats (Prepulse Inhibition), a test that is using to evaluate meso-acumbence dopaminergic system and develop new potential antipsychotic agents. The next goal of the lab is to establish a single-unit recording setup and study the electrical activity of momoaminergic neurons.



Pars General Hospital
Since July 2000
Responsibilities completed
  • Practitioner Nurse and In-Charge of General ICU