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Hi there!
I am Alexander Tazh.
I am a UX/UI designer.

I love creating great products.

I have been designing user experiences and user interfaces for websites, mobile apps, and games since 2009.

I can:
• Define a product in detail
• Sketch out the interface on paper
• Create paper-based or digital wireframes
• Create interactive & animated prototypes
• Design high-fidelity layouts
• Animate interfaces
• Guide & help the developers to implement the UX/UI correctly
• Create & maintain UI documentation
• Maintain & improve the UX/UI of an existing product

Also I can:
• Redesign an existing product in order to improve it
• Audit a product and suggest how to improve it to better meet business and user goals

Some of my additional skills:
• Graphic design
• 3D design
• Creating static websites (responsive ones, too)
• Creating WordPress websites (responsive ones, too)
• Social media (design, content)
• Motion design, animation
• Video production
• Copywriting
• Project management
• Art direction, creative direction
• QA

Let’s work together!


Some projects:

Video production:

My courses:


UI/UX Designer

Gameloft Helsinki
August 2015 to December 2015
Responsibilities completed
  • Designing UI for games. It's awesome!
  • Studying and producing UX and UI for games on smartphone/tablet.
  • Contributing to conceptualize and producing appealing interface
  • Offering solutions that are intuitive (ergonomics), functional (architecture) and aesthetically pleasing (visual design)
  • Creating pictograms, icons, buttons and their effects
  • Follow / enhance the art-direction of the game
  • Participation in game design
  • Close collaboration with developers
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