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Solving complex problems with elegant solutions makes me really happy. I love to explore, experiment and learn.

Alexander Kosenkov


Software Developer, Technical Leader

Since January 2010
  • Developed new versions of mechanical engineering and physical simulation software
  • Researched and implemented new methods and mathematical models (3 peer-reviewed publications)
  • Managed software architecture, development process, and a remote team of programmers
  • Introduced continuous integration process, end-to-end testing framework, and issue tracking

Software Developer, Technical Leader

Devexperts Financial Software
November 2007 to December 2009
  • Designed and implemented a high-frequency market data broadcasting system for Moscow Exchange
  • Implemented standards-based electronic communications gateway for trading and reporting
  • Managed requirements, wrote technical specifications and held customer training
  • Created customer-facing server software, subject to strict performance and security requirements
  • This project allowed Moscow Exchange to add large foreign financial institutions to its customer base

Software Developer

Motorola Global Software Group
2004 to November 2006
  • Participated in development and code-review of system software for mobile phones
  • Prototyped two experimental products in the context of Advanced Technology Group
  • Developed and tested J2ME apps, which got pre-installed on several mobile platforms
  • Earned 3 internal “Bravo!” awards and was highly rated at annual evaluations

Software Developer, Founder
1998 to 2007
  • Founded a software startup in high school. Attained paying customers, both offline and online
  • Developed an Internet Café billing system, including system architecture design and network layer
  • Delivered hacker-proof software with emphasis on Windows security, used by hundreds of businesses


CTI Entrepreneurship


Swiss federal training programme for business founders

System analysis, management and information processing

Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University
2001 to 2007

Bachelor's and Master's degree in computer science

Information systems in economics

Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University
2001 to 2008

Minor degree in Economics, including Finance and Accounting


  • Functional and logical programming
  • Static code analysis
  • Visual communication of information
  • Hiking, snowboarding and running
  • Physics and astronomy
  • Personal development
  • Graphic design and typography


  • Deep knowledge of MATLAB
  • Java Core, Concurrency, EE
  • Functional languages: Haskell, Kotlin
  • Scala, Prolog, Datalog ♡
  • HTML, CSS, SVG, Polymer, D3js
  • Concurrency, scalability, algorithms
  • Information security and protection
  • Besides Russian, I speak English (C2), German (B2), Spanish, French
  • I can clearly explain difficult concepts with charts and drawings
  • Passion for good design and typography
    details here?
  • Permanent resident permit in Switzerland (Type C)
  • Finalist of Google Android Developer Challenge 2
  • SQL and non-relational databases
  • Basic Machine learning and Statistics
  • Linux server and GNU tools for automation of routine work